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Ken Tencer

Ken Tencer is a seasoned Curator, CEO, and innovation luminary, boasting over three decades of experience. He guides organizations, investors, and business families toward sustainable growth, even in turbulent and uncertain times. His expertise spans various industries, including manufacturing, distribution, professional services, and education.

As the curator of Say Hi to the Future, Ken fosters connections within a global community defined by passion, savage curiosity, audacity and resilience. He engages with this community through mediums like podcasts, events, and Catalyst: the Human Ingenuity Game to stimulate ingenious thinking and innovation.

In his role as CEO of Spyder Works, Ken employs design-driven strategies to harmonize business acumen with human-centric design thinking, facilitating innovation and intrapreneurship.

Ken is pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration, concentrating on human ingenuity, innovation, and intrapreneurship. He is also the co-author of two best-selling books on innovation, “The 90% Rule” and “Cause a Disturbance.” His passion lies in creating value, solving complex problems, and leaving a meaningful impact.

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