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Nicholas Reichenbach

A visionary entrepreneur renowned for his ability to transform pioneering concepts into flourishing enterprises. Fuelled by an unwavering commitment to advancing wellness and sustainability, Nicholas is a driving force in both his personal and professional spheres, embodying the transformative potential of purpose-driven leadership.

Leveraging his sharp market insights and strategic prowess, Nicholas has been instrumental in shaping the success of numerous mid-sized US and Canadian companies across industries such as Wellness, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Hospitality, ESG Sustainability, and Technology. From inception to expansion, he has played pivotal roles in founding, investing in, acquiring, and scaling enterprises, consistently delivering value and fostering sustainable growth.

Currently serving as the Chairman and CEO of Flow Beverage Corp., Nicholas leads a dedicated team committed to revolutionizing the premium and functional hydration landscape. With a deep-seated passion for wellness and sustainability ingrained in his personal and professional ethos, Flow Alkaline Spring Water has emerged as an industry trailblazer under his guidance, embodying the transformative power of purpose-driven leadership.

Beyond his executive duties, Nicholas holds several board positions within his diverse portfolio, underscoring his visionary leadership and commitment to driving positive change at a local and global scale.

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