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2022 Annual Business Conference

That entrepreneurship is good for a community is known to us all, the challenge lies in making a community good for entrepreneurship.

The idea is to build a structure that helps us move from helping people one at a time to creating a system that moves the entire community forward, making opportunities, funding, and success more visible and accessible for anyone who has a dream or wants to seed hope in a problem not yet solved.

Let’s do more together in the future.  Because we are stronger together.

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The Open’s annual business conference is the Canadian conference of business leaders of Pakistani descent.


Our Keynote Speakers

Dr Chitra Anand

Author, Professor, Advisor on Impact and ESG

Trevor McPherson

President and Chief Executive Officer Mississauga Board of Trade

Sal Khan

Founder and CEO Khan Academy,, Khan Lab School, Khan Lab High School

Shahid Malik

President PSEG Energy Resources – Board Member NYSE

Wasif Rizvi

President Habib University

Paula Cruickshank – BDC

Senior Vice President Ontario, and Digital Transformation Lead

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We invite all of you to write to us with any specific questions related to our topic for the occasion – “The ecosystem that raises entrepreneurs”– that you want to be addressed. We will try and have our speakers and panelists cover your questions. In order to make sure that every question is attended to, if a question is not addressed during the event, it will be answered separately through an email or a blog on our site.

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    For Support and Sponsorship