About Us

Open Youth Toronto’s primary focus is to support, empower and elevate young Pakistani-Canadian entrepreneurs through mentorship, access to business resources and purposeful socializing.

Our Vision


Bring together young professionals in the GTA and create a space for collaboration, education and networking



Encourage the growth of young individuals pursuing career goals or entrepreneurship



Inspire the next generation of leaders in the GTA


Our Objectives

  1. Present opportunities to build meaningful connections

    On-going peer-to-peer mentorship with industries’ professionals to provide guidance during starting a business.

  2. Facilitating technology exchange and innovation

    Bringing together individuals across Open Toronto around specialized areas of interest.

  3. Enhanced entrepreneurial education and skills development

    Core training workshops to develop leadership, communication, and business skills.

  4. Providing avenues to financial resources

    Showcase investment opportunities to the community in exceptional companies/start-ups by youth.


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